I am so appreciative of the costs that are involved in getting married. Every couple has different priorities to where their finances for their day should be spent but I would like to believe that my role and my service is an everlasting investment. Once the day is over, other than the memories how will you ever be able to share your day with your kids, their kids, and their kids, kids?!

Of course I am slightly biased in saying, choose your photographer carefully, but SERIOUSLY, your photographer is how your world will remember your day for years, even decades to come. They are also the person you will spend the most time with on your wedding day, so finding the right fit is key.

I also work a little differently to most other photographers. Due to my wide range of travel, very rarely do I spend weekends at my own home, sleep in my own bed and make a coffee in my own kitchen. I predominately live out of a suitcase because capturing a few hours isn’t how I work. It’s about the total experience. Getting to know your family and friends prior to the wedding is really important to me in order to intimately and individually capture your story.

I desire to fit in like a friend, someone you have known for years and that you and your guests can feel comfortable with. I love joining you at the family dinner the evening before and the little details like remembering your loved one’s names are important to me. I would absolutely love to celebrate the very best day (or weekend) of your life with you.

I’m not too fussed on particular shots of your perfume, shoes, and lipstick because, in time, these things won’t matter. I’m all about candid images of laughs, tears, and emotion of the day. Images that you can instantly look at feel something much deeper than what the actual image is. These are the things that as a professional, I see valuable and timeless. Posing is simply, not my style.

It is no surprise that I shoot predominately relaxed country weddings. In all honesty, I do my best work at locations that are based in rural or regional areas. As photography is a huge investment, I want you to get the most of that, so please consider if I am suitable for your day and your style.

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Where do you travel?

I am based in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia but I am available (and love to) travel interstate and internationally.  I shoot 85% of weddings further than three hours from Toowoomba so travel is a substantial part of my work. I capture on average 50 weddings a year and like to incorporate family shoots (Rural Tribe) in my travels.

How many images will you deliver?

Depending on the package you choose, normally between 500 – 600 enhanced images for a full day. These will be a combination of colour and black and white images in a JPEG format in both web and print versions. Although there will be many more taken, some won’t be worth enhancing or sharing. I want you to love every image that you receive!

Can I have a copy of all the original photos?

I understand it seems a little odd that for 12 hours of photographing you only receive between 500-600 images but there is a very good reason for why this happens. The photos that are selected are the very best images from your day. The time is spent on these images to enhance them so you get a beautiful end product. During the shoot I make real-life light adjustments and continuously am aiming for the most flattering angle of you to create that final perfect image that you are given. Although you may hear “bursts” of shots, this is required to avoid an image with no eye blinks, and to make sure I don’t get any shots of a person starting to talk or brushing their hair out of their face. As a professional I am employed to eliminate all the test shots, bad shots and shots that aren’t a true representation of your day so you’re presented with a collection of images that you can immediately, print, share and most importantly love! It’s much the same is if you were having your dress made. The final product (being the dress) is what your dressmaker works on to present you with a beautiful, individually made gown fit for your body. She doesn’t share the muslin fitting trials or the fabric off-cuts.

When will we receive our photos?

You will receive your images via an online Gallery within 11-12 weeks after your wedding date.

How do we receive our photos?

You will receive your images via an online Gallery in both Print and Web resolution.

Can we print the photos?
Yes, you can either buy prints through me or get your high-resolution photos printed at any photo lab.
Do you offer albums?
Yes, I offer beautiful fine art albums. They can be designed to your specific needs and requirements and can be ordered anytime after your big day. I’d always highly recommend the purchase of an album to maximise the display of your images.
Do you offer hourly wedding coverage?
My smallest package starts at 8 hours.
When should we arrange on our day to get our professional photos taken?
This is really crucial in getting the most out of me as your photographer. I don’t like to spend hours capturing you and your bridal party as it is important you enjoy your day with the people you love. I try to keep this part of the day around 75 mins in length. It is also very important that we discuss this time early in the process so you can organise your ceremony and reception with this time in mind. There are varying factors such as time of year, daylight savings and location that will make each wedding different. Please ask which time slot will be suitable for your day.
Why do we have to pay for accommodation and travel?
As you can appreciate, every wedding is different and 95% of weddings that I shoot I will travel for- far and wide. I will always make it as economical as possible for you but I always insist on arriving (if possible) the day before your wedding and staying close by after. It is extremely exhausting being on your feet for long hours and for safety it is preferred that I stay close to the reception.
Do you have insurance?
Do you have back up gear?
Yes. I always have multiple camera bodies, a number of lenses, and more memory cards than I need at all weddings.
How can we pay?
I try and make things as easy as possible for you. Once a deposit is paid I can either take a final payment closer to your day via Bank Transfer or Credit Card, alternatively I can put you on a monthly Direct Debit plan.
How far in advance do we need to book you?

I work on a first in first served basis. I would always suggest if your considering a certain date but haven’t yet booked your venue to enquire about my availability to avoid any disappointment. You can also look at the calendar on the Contact me page for available dates.  I typically have bookings up to 15 months in advance.

How do we book?
Make contact at my contact page on here and I will respond as soon as possible. To secure a date, I require a retainer and a signed wedding photography agreement. Without these two things I unfortunately cannot lock in your day.
Do you do social media?

I certainly do! Most of my work goes on my Facebook Page (Like me!) and any new blog posts go on here first!


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